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Asset Management
We specialize in the field of real estate management that involves supervision of an owner's real estate assets at the investment level. Avenue Address has a complete application design to centralize your asset activities by gaining visibility from baseline financials to where you want your assets to be. Our system focuses on the long term strategic financial planning, internal and external audits to mitigate business compliance risks, performing forecasts for future needs and align it to business requirements, strategic methods of purchases, control and asset disposition. Endorse your assets to us and we will ensure the profitability of your business.  
Property Management
​We offer an over-all day to day operations management that ensure all aspect of services in the organization functions within the standards while maintaining the integrity expected by our principals.  From human resources, budgets and all other financial matters are handled by us to ensure continued smooth operation of the facility activities.
Quality Management System
​Among our service line is performing QMS that commensurate with our clients business objectives and our business model. It is our commitment to activate involvement that are critical to ensure adequacy, suitability, effectiveness and efficiency of the quality systems.
In-House Facility Services
Various facility services are available for our clients requirement. Ranging from need based and site based services. Check our client facility list for further details.
Third Party Services 
Administration of existing service providers give us the opportunity to prove our cost effective management system. In instance wherein clients require additional services not included in our list; we ensure provision from third party is monitored and controlled. 

maximizing the returns

enhancing values

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Investment Possibilities
​Avenue Address has the expertise to appraise the possibilities and probabilities of revenue designs of an existing built environment by means of applicable evaluation of the most important factors that affect your investment and income; from layout, lease mode, marketing, responsibilities, lease enforcement, utility costing, assessment of management requirements and creating the management agreements through quantified values. 
Financial Goals
Your ROI is important to us! May it be for short or long-term purposes; Avenue Address ​understands the goals of ownership and operating challenges, the requirement of constant care, general daily operation, aspects of properties that are monitored and controlled and its performance expectations.  By these we communicate with clients the financial philosophy with determined accurate benchmarks from baseline operating budget to a realistic income potential . 
General Asset & Liabilities Valuation
​We analyse and get into details.
​Our system for asset and liabilities valuation tracks down to the tiniest detail of your property. Evaluation reports are provided in full details so as to understand the baseline scenario of each property to be handed over to us. The transparency between our clients and our team created a sound relationship in this endeavor.  

  • Investment Possibilities

  • ​Financial Goals
  • ​General Asset & Liabilities Valuation

  • Asset Management
  • Lease Management​
  • Leasing & Marketing
  • ​Service Contracts
  • ​Maintenance Plan​s

beyond asset investment

the Operations team

Strategic management of built environment is our forte. Under our business umbrella is the Community Homes Labor Accommodation Management that takes care of the facility management operations with its carefully designed system that ensure services provided to our clients meet the excellent satisfaction level and at the same time vigilantly protects the well being of our tenants. 

facilities within our care

Avenue Address primarily works toward asset management and property acquisition from various investors. Under our system is the practice of growing the fundamental value of assets entrusted to us. We work on the detailed analysis of achieving our aimed values and positive cash flow goals that benefit both our principal us.
Being in the field of asset management; Avenue Address has proven and maintained its integrity that resulted to a good track record of investment profitability, which is interpreted our strongest point. 
It is our vision to be the foremost organization that is highly recognized to best provide a distinct full asset & property management solutions. Our endeavor in the industry is enormously satisfying and financially rewarding. 
We understand the distinctiveness of the business that primarily influence the revenues. To this we offer our careful evaluation and business applications.