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We take pride of our dependable team Community Homes Labor Camps Management -that ensures all our labor accommodation facilities meet the standards set by the Higher Corporation on Economic Zones or Zones Corp and its attached governing authorities. Compliance for the maintenance of the facilities and the observance of the standard regulations are carefully implemented by our people.


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The most essential part of our business performance is our capacity to develop strategic asset management plan.   This is carried out by guidelines for purchasing, use, maintenance and dispositions that our clients need. It is our goal to define assets' use and streamline productivity and delivery at minimized capital loss. Avenue Address' process has a proven track record in achieving bests results in higher demand delivery, unexpected company losses and  new product development. Our team has a coordinated method that is accountable for every asset under its control.


Avenue Address provides services to various industries from facility planning, built in environment management take over, personnel training and development, personnel or manpower deployment, group or service specified contracts assignment -which include general maintenance and housekeeping services, services cost control management and facility management consultancy services.
We work hand in hand with the our principals in such a way that the their business objectives are met with the highest standards possible at the least cost.

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Avenue Address has acquired properties such as Residential Village Inn I & II and Workers Residential City or Al Rayan in its full asset and facility management care. Each village is Zones Corp-WRC & ESTIDAMA approved facility and ICAD affiliated, each has its own unique environment characteristics that our clients enjoy. The common variable that the residents enjoy is the care that they experience through our provision of appropriate services that meet the residents daily need. Within our villages; the laborers are relaxed and feel at home after a long days work. Complete services are provided to ensure that everything they need is within their reach. 


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