Avenue Address Management recently celebrated the village festival event to honor the resident Pakistani Migrant Workers in celebration of the 68th Pakistan Independence Day on 14th of August 2014.  The objective of the activity is to highlight patriotism and solidarity among the workers & their countrymen living in our labor accommodation facility and to let them feel like being back home even if they are away from their families.   The residents enjoyed and actively participated National Flag Parade, Commemoration Ceremony, as well as in various activities such as native games, cultural shows, sports competitions and were able to benefit from overflow giveaways, raffle items that varies from personal kit to electronic gadgets, along with 2 grand raffle prizes -Lenovo tablet which all residents awaited; games group prizes, popcorn overload and bottomless frostie aside from the unlimited snack counter.
​             The United Arab Emirates' authorities support was wonderful; the success of this endeavor would not have been possible without the close coordination with the Higher Corporation for Specialized Economic Zones -WRC team through the leadership of Ms. Najlaa Suwaidi, Projects Manager for Strategic Initiatives, along with the participation of Mr. Abdullah Zubeidi & Mr. Munem Ahmed
             It was also our company's greatest pleasure though a very humbling honor for the occasion to be graced by the presence of Dr. Faisal Aziz Ahmed,Deputy Head of Mission, as the official representative of His Excellency Mr. Asif Duranni, Ambassador, Islamic Republic of Pakistan to the UAE for the Pakistan Day, 14th August 2014.
             On the 68th India Independence Day Celebration; 15th August 2014,  the occasion was graced by the presence of Mr. Anand Bardhan, Cousellor for Community Welfare as the official representative of His Excellency Mr. T.P. Seetharam. Ambassador, Embassy of India to the UAE. Along with Counsellor Bardhan was the team of IWRC: Mr. Anish Choudhury, Mr. Muhammad Mustafa Kunnummal, Mr. Tinto Thankachan & Mr. Saurabh Kumar under the Community Welfare Wing of the India Embassy.

             Thanks to the Avenue Address Management, Community Homes Management team, with the support of the Abu Dhabi Police GHQ - Baniyas and to all our sponsors: Life Care Hospital Baniyas, Etisalat by Edge Marketing, Home City Furniture, Rigman International & CGRC LLC.

             The residents were very happy and thankful not only that we brought them back home to celebrate in essence; but to be able to bring their respected country diplomatic representative face to face and able to mingle with them here, was their most profound gratitude among others!

​The workers' festivities

Photo credits by: 

Joy Studio LLC.

Salvador Awigan

Alvin Suazo

​Pakistan Day Photos

​India Day Photos

68th India Independence Day: 15th August 2014

Residential Village Inn 1, BSI, WRC-2,

Al Mafraq, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

A Salute to Our Indian Residents

68th Pakistan Independence Day: 14th August 2014

Residential Village Inn 1, BSI, WRC-2,

Al Mafraq, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

A Salute to Our Pakistani Residents