Asset Management & Facility Management Services by Avenue Address CPMGM
Residential Village Inn I & II is located at Plot F2 C3 2&5, WRC, Al Mafraq, Abu Dhabi.  The village has about 720 rooms ranging from manager's, technicians and laborers with an approximate capacity of 7500. 36 of the rooms are allotted to managers, at single occupancy. The rooms has its own pantry, toilet and bath, as well equipped with basic appliances and request for additional is optional. 72 units are allocated as engineer's rooms at a four to five person occupancy, with single bed for each occupant, personal lockers and a common ablution. The rest of the 612 rooms are for laborers, which is 10 persons capacity, equipped with personal lockers, tables and chairs. Other facility services are for common use. The services include housekeeping and laundry, catering and mess hall, recreation, medical clinic, lounge, TV room and help desk and customer care, general maintenance, internet services and convenience shop. The RV I & II facility is Zones Corp approved and Civil Defense authority compliant. Both compound offer a comprehensive package for services and the operations fulfill the health and safety requirements to ensure that residents welfare is at its best condition.

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